Coming Review: Profit Pulling Newsletters Ebook

I just ordered and downloaded a new ebook "Profit Pulling Newsletters" by Joel Christopher, known as the master list builder.

It's printing out now, and I'll be reviewing it in the next post. For those of you who want to know Joel makes money online through his email list of currently over 30,000 subscribers.

I bought the ebook to help me better my Marketing Moms Weekly Newsletter, so we'll see how this ebook can help.

The price? A small $24.97 investment in my home business.

Pages? 91

Reading starts tonight, and I may not finish it before I start the review tomorrow, so it may take a few posts to get the entire review finished.

Tune in over the next few days for the review and to pick up some hints from Joel. I'll also be reviewing 2 of Dan Kennedy's new "no B.S." books in the following weeks (waiting for Amazon to ship them) if you'd like to stay tuned;).