Best Online Work at Home.Find the best 3 work at home opportunities here...

Okay , according to USA Today, Forbes, CNN, and The New Your Times, here's the top 3 online work at home and internet work at home opportunities:

#1: Online work at home #1

#2: Best Paid Surveys is work at home #2

#3: Internet work at home opportunity is #3...

So what's so great about each one? Why did they appear in top magazines and newspapers around the world? We'll be reviewing each one in our next posts so stay tuned...


Work At Home Internet Business Promotion By Articles

I came across this great article about using articles for free traffic internet promotion using articles.

there are some great tips here so read it and learn...

Work At Home Internet Business Promotion By Articles

The marketing articles bring a huge benefits: targeted traffic, high search engine ranking, brand building and profits. If you think about your budget, the article writing is free. Even the submission services offer free versions to start your work at home internet business promtions.The job of a single article is not to climb to the top position at the searcg engine, but to raise your landing page to there. So, despite of the fact that you should always write to the reader, the page rank target requires a certain techniques.

1.Select Two Or Three Keywords.
When you select the keywords before you start writing your work at home internet business article, it is more natural to insert them into the text. Use a quality software, there is no shortcut, period. The keywords should be the same, which you use in your landing page and the keyword density should be around 2 %. Put them into the title, teaser, body and into the Author Box hyperlink.

2. The Title Must Include The Main Keyword Among The First 4 Words.
The title is the most important part of the article, it will make or brake the whole thing. The title must include a promise to the reader, a clear benefit, what he gets when he read the whole thing.Of course the main keyword must bu included, because that is the same phrase, what he has used with the search. The ideal length is about max 12 words, longer works better than shorter.

3.Research The 5 Main Competitors.
The competitors are the 5 top sites on the result page of the selected keyword. Because the page rank is determined by the number and the quality of backlinks, you should concentrate on these offpage factors only. If the top site has links much more than your page has, maybe it is better to change the keyword, because to reach the top means being able to beat the top page.

4. The Author Box Is A Climax Ad.
Remember to write your name into the box. Otherwise the text should be like a persuaisve text ad, which makes the reader to take the action, i.e. to click the link of the landing page. It must tell to the reader, what more useful he gets, when he clicks the link. If your article directories accept hyperlinks, write your major keyword hyperlinked. In this way you will build an anchor text for your website with the keyword related to your website keywords.

5. Write Always Original Unique Content.
The search engine spiders can recognize if the content is copied, a dublicate content. If you want your article climb high in the search engines, it must be optimized and original, but if you submit the same article to thousands of directories and websites, then the job of the article is not to climb high but to bring the backlinks to the landing page.

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Free Traffic Tip: Using Articles for Traffic...

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Testing Another Traffic Tip...

Now, you know I'm a work at home mom, I do much of my work at home as a webmaster and internet marketing consultant, but I do have an office away from home.

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2 reasons

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[Free Traffic Report] Traffic Pulling Articles Revealed...

Now, if you're a savvy website owner then you've heard of writing and submitting articles to the article directories for free traffic.

Yes, I use this method because it pulls traffic, helps pre-sell customers, and gives you an air of authority in your niche.

I'll be the first to admit it - I have an online business for the purpose of making m0ney. Just like you do!

O.k., o.k. that was blunt, but isn't it refreshing to hear someone actually admit to it?

Now you say it, out-loud; "I have an online business to make m0ney!"

But just like you, I won't make m0ney if my potential customers don't trust me to offer good products at a reasonable price.

Well, articles help build that trust.

You've probably heard that before if you've read about article marketing.

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My new, and yes, Fr'ee e-book explains how to do just that:

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