A wahm's opinion: ebook review day 2

Today I'll be reviewing section 2: Ezine Content.

Joel talks about keeping your subscribers reading your newsletter every time they get an issue by writing fresh useful content in your ezine. Then he talks about 3 things your ezine can't live without if you want loyal readers.

Next he tells you haw to write your own content (hot high demand articles as Joel puts it) for your newsletter to keep your readers loyal.

hmmm... I'm getting alot of good information from this section about what to incluce in a newsletter.

Joel's Terriffic 10...

10 necessities for your ezine layout. Joel explains how to use these 10 "must haves" and provides a great newsletter text template with all the terriffic ten included. I think I'll be re-doing my newsletter template.

I really like this section because I think there are some great things here to help you get the most from your ezine subscribers and find out what they want in both ezine content as well as products.

Section 3: Distribution Options

Joel offers some help with distributing your newsletter which includes both free and paid options then talks about publishing schedule and frequency (when and how often to publish) then moves onto section 4: Promoting Your Ezine .I can't wait to dive into this section, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Remember I'm a work at home MOM and I have to sleep when the baby does or I don't get to sleep at all!

Signing off for the night,