[Free Traffic Report] Cool F'ree Traffic Tip...

very savvy internet marketing guru knows this one fre'e tip for driving targeted traffic to their websites.

You may have even heard of it before, writing and giving away ebooks or reports for free traffic.

I know it works, I use it myself with great results, and it's not as difficult as you may think.

especially since Jonathan Leger came out with his report; "$7 Secrets" and more importantly it's sequel...

"Write That Report"


"Write That Report" is the step-by-step process for anyone interested in writing an ebook or report.

The cost of the report is only $7 and he throws in a free copy of his first report "$7 Secrets" when you order from the above link.

You get both for $7, saving yourself from the $14 it would cost if you purchased each seperately.

Now, 7 bucks is pocket change to me, even 14 bucks isn't bad, but were the reports any good?

I downloaded and read both reports over a StarBucks sugar free cinnamon dulce, and yes, they were good! (so was the StarBucks ;)

I particularly like the step by step process Jonathan describes for writing ebooks and reports, but perhaps my favorite part of "Write That Report" is that Jonathan generously gives away all the scripts he uses to make m0ney with his $7 reports.

Well, whether you consider the easy to use method in "Write That Report" or not, you should be giving away free reports or e-books for fr'ee traffic.

I personally have seen the benefits for years after a report was given away, and still reaping those benefits today!

Next week I'll have a f'ree e-book for you titled: "Traffic Pulling Article Revealed"
It's loaded with fre'e resources and help with article marketing for traffic.

till next week!

-=*=- Leah -=*=-