Coming Review: Google Adwords Success Kit

I just got a copy of Rodney Rumfords Google Adwords success kit and will be reviewing it in the next few weeks. I'll also be using his Google Profitsoft Gold Software and posting the results here.

The software is for tracking campaigns and doing all the math involved with campaigns. I'm very lazy, and I didn't track my campaigns before because it takes SOOO much time.

In the past I've given up on Adwords because after trying 6 different campaigns I made a grand total of $4.00 profit.

The biggest draw back in the past with my campaigns has been that I would look at my daily spendings $2.14 for this campaign, or $6.27 for that one and think "Oh, I'm not spending that much" but at the end of the month the whack to my bank account WAS THAT MUCH!!!

And after making a grand total of $4.00 I gave up. Well now I'm armed with this awesome software and Rodney's Insider's Secrets Adwords Success Kit and I'm ready to go again. I'll be reporting here with the results as I do the reviews.

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