RSS and SEO ebook review coming up!

In the next few weeks I'll be recieving an ebook on the subject of RSS feeds and why search engines love RSS feeds and Blogs.

I hope you'll join me here for the review and learn how you can use your own blog or RSS feeds to boost your site traffic in the search engines.

If you'd like to follow along subscribe to the feed or add it to "My Yahoo" to be sure not to miss the review.

I'm not sure of the exact date the review will start so if you'd like to read the review I suggest you subscribe to the feed or bookmark this blog.

Signing off for the night,

A wahm's opinion: ebook review day 3

Today we are reviewing sections 4-5-6 of Profit Pulling Newsletters by Joel Christopher.

Section 4: Promoting Your Ezine.

Joel talks about the absolute quickest way to build your ezine in 7 days (he used this technique himself to triple his list size). Then Joel talks about 7 ways to consistently bring in a steady flow of new subscribers.

Hmmm, there are alot of great resources in this section.

Joel then tells us how he pulled in 10,000 new subscribers without ever advertising, then tells us how to do it too.

Section 5: Making Money from Your Ezine.

Joel tells us how he has a subscriber list of only 52 people and how he still makes around $1560 per mailing (twice per month) on that list alone. So this must work.

He gives us a step-by-step formula for how he does this.

Then he talks about selling ad space in your ezine (how to do it right, how to get advertisers etc.)

Joel tells us the REAL mother lode of making money with your newsletter.

Section 6: Ezine Extras.

Joel has put alot of good information in this section about hosting, writing your newsletter, and putting your ezine in perspective with your marketing plans.

Tomorrow we'll finish with section 7: Recommended Resources, and the 3 bonuses.

Until tomorrow,