Free Traffic To a Mini Site...

JIm Edwards recently did a teleseminar about building mini sites and how important they are for online sales. But one thing he didn't mention is how to drive traffic to a mini site.

Since mini sites are basically one or two page sites that have basically no content you can't rely on the content of your site to funnel traffic to your website.

Mini sites are super effective and there are numerous ways to get free traffic to them, hree's just a few:

1. build a resource site on a different server with lots of content that links back to your mini site

This is definately the most time consuming way

2. Write articles and submit them to article directories. Again, this takes time effort, though not as much as maintaining a big resource site

3. If you sell your own product on the mini site start an affiliate program

4. Get good high quality links to your website. You can find out how to do this at:
7 fast ways to get great links to your website

Resources you need to check out:

Jim Edwards recording of the teleseminar on mini sites at:

Also, Alice Seba's recent "Internet Marketing Sweetie" teleseminar had some conflicting issues with Jim's teleseminar, I think you should let Alice explain the difference herself at: