A wahm's opinion: ebook review day 1

I started reading "Profit Pulling Newsletters" by Joel Christopher yesterday, but didn't start the review until today. Well lets get to it.

The table of contents has 7 sections plus 3 bonus reports.

1. Getting Started
2. Ezine Content
3. Distribution Options
4. Promoting your ezine
5. making money with your ezine
6. Ezine extras
7. Resources

Bonus Reports:
1. "How to Write Hot Topic Original Articles"
2. "11 Strategies for pulling in more profits with your newsletter"
3. "seldom used insider trick that guarantees to explode your sales"

Now remember, I can't write the entire book here, that would be both illegal (it could be copywrited) and just plain impossible (I absolutely refuse to type 91 pages) besides it wouldn't be fair to Joel (whom I admire and respect very much).

So lets start the review with section 1:

Joel talks about why a subscriber list is the most valuable and important tool for online marketing. The guru's already agree on this. I've heard it from the likes of Joe Vitale, Rosiland Gardner, Holly Cotter and others that "the money is in the list"
so Joel's comments come as no shock ;).

Joel explains "WHY" the money is in the list in this section, then goes into "how to set up your email newsletter without spending a penny". There are several free resources that I'm going to look into in this section as well to help streamline my newsletter.

The next post (tomorrow if time permits) We'll dive into section 2: Ezine content.

Unitl tomorrow,