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Now, if you're a savvy website owner then you've heard of writing and submitting articles to the article directories for free traffic.

Yes, I use this method because it pulls traffic, helps pre-sell customers, and gives you an air of authority in your niche.

I'll be the first to admit it - I have an online business for the purpose of making m0ney. Just like you do!

O.k., o.k. that was blunt, but isn't it refreshing to hear someone actually admit to it?

Now you say it, out-loud; "I have an online business to make m0ney!"

But just like you, I won't make m0ney if my potential customers don't trust me to offer good products at a reasonable price.

Well, articles help build that trust.

You've probably heard that before if you've read about article marketing.

But one aspect of article marketing hasn't been covered in great detail, and that's how to structure your articles to rank well in the serach engines for a given keyword term.

My new, and yes, Fr'ee e-book explains how to do just that:


So many times I have had to explain to my clients why articles are used to build website traffic and build search engine rankings.

It gets tiring having to explain it so often, so I wrote it down.

In "Traffic Pulling Articles Revealed" I've gone beyond that explanation to tell you exactly how to structure your articles to boost traffic and search engine rankings.

I'd love to hear your feed back on the ebook,

remember you can download it for fre'e at:


To your success!




Anonymous Lilly said...

Hi Leah!

You are absolutely right! Writing articles can really help to boost your site's traffic. And...I do admit it too. I run my websites in order to make money online!
However, one more thing. You can pull free traffic by leaving comments as I am doing right now;-)


7:06 AM  
Anonymous dj Non_Stop said...

Hi Boss

its great to find ur comments.i agree that articles are the life of a website.articles must be more informatives.weight losing articles r most important these days.

2:58 PM  

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