What Corey Rudl Can Teach Us About Free Traffic

If you've been around on any of the internet markteting blogs you've probably heard the news that Corey Rudl died yesterday June 2.

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So what can Corey teach us about free traffic? According to a post in November at Alice Seba's blog corey himself, a known internet marketing guru, wanted to study the techniques John Reese used to sell his Traffic Secrets course and make so many sales in one day.

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So even the Guru's have more to learn. The lesson here: learn all you can about what works for others.

Concerning the death of Corey Rudl: My condolinces go out to his family, friends and employees. It makes one think of how precious life is and makes one want to obtain the freedom Corey enjoyed as an entrepreneur before our lives are over.

Sad news.